Volume  37-66 l

Width   52 cm
Height  30-53 cm
Depth   24 cm
Weight  1600 g
The Hampstead is a versatile holdall that can be worn over the shoulder or attached to the rear rack of a bicycle. The removable straps can be easily adjusted in length thanks to the 4 newly designed buckles.
Water Resistant Cotton Fabric and Vegetable Tanned Leather from Europe.

*390.00 €
296.11 £

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Re-establishing an old Brooks tradition

Written by June Soderlund from USA 12/6/2011

This is a spacious and handsome bag. Perfect size for a weekend trip on or off the bike. The straps can be adjusted or removed to make one longer shoulder strap. The secondary interior cinching cover is a bit cumbersome, but could easily be removed. Made in Italy!

Written by duncan turner from UK 8/28/2011

I love this, i do a lot of travelling and i would like to get something like this and i also want one of your messenger bags.

Is there a messenger bag that has the same material as this one?
If it is the brixton, would it be possible to have one without brookes stitched into the front of it?

Amazing stuff, i have been try to find something like this for so long that i have even to make one myself.
Would you ever consider doing a large wheelie case?
Would you consider doing a special deal on buying a holdall with a messenger bag?

A> The New Barbican for 2012 is being delivered without the logo.

Written by Garry Bayford from UK 5/19/2014

My wife bought this for my birthday after some heavy handed hints.
An excellent bag that swallows a massive amount of gear. I've not tried it on my bike yet but I expect it to be quite secure as the strap buckles are massively strong and the base is plenty stiff enough to stop the bag drooping either side of the rack. I've not used it in the rain either yet but the material it's made from seems thick enough to shrug off anything short of an extended downpour.

Written by Andreas Martin from Germany 4/15/2014

Hi there,

I just received this beautiful Hamstead Holdall. The bag is stunning. I really like the look of the bag and the workmanship.

I do have one comment. This bag came with an inside lining. This lining feel very rubbery and sticky. The lining even sticks together. Is this normal?

Thank you

A> Yes this is normal it will die down after a time

Written by Michael O from USA 9/29/2013

Please consider a smaller version of the Hapstead Holdall that coverts to a tote off the bicycle. width=30cm, depth=16cm, height=25cm? I would like something similar to the Hapstead that has straps for looping through my Brooks saddle.

A> Thanks for the feedback!  


We accept all constructive criticism

Written by Kelly Walsh from USA 8/10/2012

Do you know if this bag is completely made in Italy or if it's just the tags that are sewn on in Italy? Thank you.

A> This bag is completely made in Italy!

Written by vincent seay from usa 8/25/2015

just received my bag via amazon.. i didn't know the "asphalt" color will rub off all over your clothes! i figured there would be a breaking in period but it was bad.. it would ruin say a white shirt! i want a bag that won't rub color off on my clothes.. perhaps the khaki is best.. other than that its a nice bag.. so beware of the color fast! perhaps using a wire brush to work off the excess layer to speed up the breaking in process