BRICK LANE Roll-Up Panniers

BRICK LANE Roll-Up Panniers

Width      34 cm (right or left)
Height    36 cm (right or left)
Depth     10 cm (right or left)
Volume per Side         14 l

Total Volume               28 l
Total Weight              950 g


Our Roll Up Panniers are inspired by the Cyclist’s Hold-alls, first featured in the 1890’s catalogue. As the originals, the new panniers can be rolled up or easily released when needed.
This pair of commuter bags for traditional transport bicycles is entirely made of water resistant cotton with leather finishing. On the top of the bag attachment to the bicycle rack these panniers feature a crossed elastic to fasten additional objects to carry during urban transit.


The Brick Lane roll up panniers attach to most racks with a width between 10 and 15 cm.

Water Resistant Cotton Fabric and Vegetable Tanned Leather





*190.00 €
144.64 £

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Re-establishing an old Brooks tradition

Written by Kellye Curtis from United Kingdon 4/24/2015

Great idea and generally work really well - spacious when unrolled and can be packed into a tote when rolled up. However, the bungee cord immediately stretched to the point of being useless and the bottom inside of the bad tends to hit the non-drive side of my 20'' wheels, and it can push against the gear cable on the drive side. I've had these panniers for years and would recommend, but the price is pretty steep. Also, there's no way I ever leave them on my bike, so it can be a bit of a faff taking them on and off everyday.

Written by Alexander Shibata from Japan 1/8/2013

smashing! simply brilliant^^
bit small, but it's durable, it ages well.

Written by Richard Oh from Canada 6/6/2011

Love it

Written by John Wyman from USA 3/4/2011

I am crazy about my new Brick Lane Panniers. This bag is absolutely the perfect complement to my Burco Dutch city bike, which has ample rack room front and back. I really prefer to carry the weight in the rear to keep the front light for better steering. You have a supremely well built product here. Thank you!

Written by Beth D from UK 10/22/2010

Is the part that connects the two pieces of elastic the only leather component on the Brick Lane Roll Up Panniers? I don't expect that you offer a vegan option on these!

A> No, there are also leather straps underneath for attaching to the rack.  We do not offer a vegan version.

Written by Jim Hamilton from UK 4/10/2010

These fit perfectly on the rear carrier of my Pashley Sovereign; and they look fabulous. They're perfect for carrying home the shopping, and when rolled up are quite compact. I think they are probably a bit over the top price wise; taking into account the responses from Brooks on here; that said - quality always tells out. I'm very happy!

Written by Jeremy Lewis from United King 9/8/2009

I have treated myself to a new Pashley Princess Sovereign 22.5" frame and to finish it off for casually riding around have installed a Brick Lane Roll-up panier, a black D saddle bag and a B190 saddle. It looks just magnificent and it is obviously is real quality kit. This will be a case of quality remembered when price forgotten. Compared to the price my daughters spend on handbags these bags are extremly well made and good value for money.

Written by Panagiotis Rigas from Greece 7/19/2009

COMMENT > I love those paniers... they fit perfectly to my Amsterdam sport Electrabike! Keep on making those traditional items on and on. But I ask for something: Why you dont produce a retro style cyclist helmet? Those new starwars, preasure cooker style helemets doesnt fit to a cyclist with clasic bike and brooks panier bags or holdalls! I am awaiting for your feedback and keep up the good work!

REPLY > It's rather early to talk about it, but the helment is on our "wish list", too :)

Written by Gene Dodd from USA 7/1/2009

I use these panniers on a 1974 Raleigh Sprite which I have owned since new and on an Electra Amsterdam Royal 8i. They are without doubt one of the best built, most useful, and elegant (both in the engineering and in the wider sense) pieces of equipment I have ever owned. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Written by Gwyn Ellis from England 6/22/2009

Cycling gives me the chance to get away on my own. Cycling brings me independence. It allows me the freedom I need after a busy day. Having the opportunity to leave the house with no real objective is a fabulous thing and meeting up with friends couldn't be easier. I'm quite a sociable person, so the more chance I have to see my friends on a regular basis, helps me deal with the pressures of living in the city.
The Brooks cycle bags let me carry as little or as much as I need. As my career varies from day to day, unpredictability is one of the major issues I have to contend with and with the Brooks products, they help as they are versatile and tough. The panniers offer huge assistance as they fold neatly away, but also when full, don't appear to be over bearing or unstable. The basket is a great way to go through daily life and also when shopping, helps protect the environment, which I am also passionate about. The Camden shopping bag is stylish, flexible and practical, everything I need to help with a busy day. And when I am rushing around the city, comfort is key. The Brooks saddle fits perfectly and will only get better with age.

Written by Gisela Strehler from Germany 6/9/2009

My Brick Lane is permanent fixed to my rack and always standby. I ride my bike daily. Brick Lane is perfect for me to arrange the weights on my bike because in the front my little daughter sits in her child seat. Both panniers of Brick Lane offer enough room for all the toys I need to take with me when we drive to the playground. I always have a small bag in the Brick Lane to be free to buy some food on the way. Because it is in heavy use my Brick Lane looks not new anymore. But I even like the used look better and the bag got softer which I like, too. I really love my Brick Lane and it won´t get off my rack soon.

Written by Eugene 3/12/2009

Of course these bags are expensive. Quality always is. You can always find someone who makes things cheaper. But sheer quality and beauty - gently improving as the item gets older - is still appreciated by the buyer long, long after the cost has been forgotten.

Written by Alan Ball 1/26/2009

Q > Aperfect fit on my steel Patria....fills its purpose. A good example of function and form working together. Now when will the laptop bag be available????

A > The laptop bag will come out in 2010, probably.

Written by Barbara Pfeil 12/15/2008

These panniers match perfectly the quality, versatility, and aesthetics of my Rivendell Mixte. Barbara Pfeil

Written by ludovic 6/9/2008

I've bought these to put on my pashley sovereign, and they really fit ! they have a very classic design which perfectly complete the "pashley spirit". And the roll-up system is really great

Written by Lisa Lenkeit from Germany 6/9/2009

I take my Brick Lane out of the wardrobe when we go to the river for a barbecue. We always do that by bike. The caved grill perfectly fits into one side of Brick Lane. The other side has space for coal, beer and a blanket. I only need my special picnic backpack and we can start. When I do a bike tour with friends I also take Brick Lane with me. It is a pleasure to pass with my old Dutch bike other cyclist which usually have not so nice and elegant panniers. Thanks to my brooks saddle I did a very long bike tour recently and it was still comfortable. It took three weeks to smooth the saddle and adapt it to my shape but now it´s a pleasure to ride my bike.

Written by Guy Hills from UK 6/9/2009

I am the cofounder, along with Kirsty McDougall, of Dashing Tweeds a weave based design, clothing and fabric label. Dashing Tweeds came about because I was unable to find the type of fabrics and clothes I wished to wear while cycling around London on my way to meetings and photo shoots.
We have designed urban tweeds to fit with the colours of London and created a reflective tweed we call Lumatwill. A major part of the business is selling suit lengths of cloth to tailors around London from Savile Row to The City. By far the best way to get around is by bike. I love my kronan, every morning I carry two kids 4 and 6 years old to school. Hector the 4 year old sits on the back and Amelia 6 on a cross bar seat. Their home work fits perfectly in the Barbican Bag and the straps stop it swinging around while cycling the heavy load.
On a typical day I change from my more colourful school run tweed cycle outfit to one which looks more elegant in the West End. I detach the rear kids seat and the paniers fit quickly and securely to the back of the bike. I can fit enough tweed for over 4 suits in them and then with the shoulder bag containing a camera and sample bunch I head off to town.

Written by Richy Manuel from USA 5/26/2009

Q > These panniers are gorgeous but I'm wondering if they're the correct width for my bikes rack. Could you tell me the width of the portion that fits directly over the rack? Thanks, I'll look forward to hearing from you.

A > We have uploaded the information in the description. Anyway the part to fit them on the rack is 35 cm long and the straps to attach them fit a rack width of 10-15 cm.

Written by Ingo Kruse from Germany 5/25/2009

Q > Hello, is your BARBICAN Messenger Bag produced in England or somewhere else? Regards, Ingo

A > No, it is not. Brooks have not been producing bags for many decades, therefore we have not the skills and machinery to produce them in Smethwick, England. Brooks are doing their best to keep production in the UK and in Europe, but nowadays some products are hardly manufactured in the old continent with the quality standards required to be Brooks products and at the price most cyclists are willing to accept for their equipment. We still make all our saddles in England and many other products in Europe. Regarding our bags some, including the Barbican and Brick Lane, are made in China. We wish to inform you that we are still lookin for possible partners in the UK or Europe, as this seem to be a popular concern.

Written by Suzanne Ste. Therese 2/11/2009

Q > Would these fit on a Velorobis Scrap Deluxe Ladies? Thank you.

A > The Brick Lane panniers fit most bicycle racks.

Written by Paul Raymond 9/28/2008

The Italians are crazy for Brooks cycle accessories. I was just in Forte dei Marmi and very other bike had a Brooks saddle. Going to get some of these for my Pashley, based on Ludovic's comments.

Written by Federico Cantero from Argentina 12/10/2013


Written by matthew holloway 4/21/2009

QUESTIONS > I was looking at your Brick Lane Panniers and I have three questions...
1.) when they are detached if there is a shoulder strap or handle by which they could be carried (for example going into grocery store it would be nice to use the panniers in lieu of a shopping basket).
2.) if when removed from the bike, if there was an affordance for the two panniers to be "snapped" together?
3.) will they fit a Fuji Cambridge rack?
Thanks in advance for your help, and best regards


ANSWERS > The panniers are designed to stay on the bike at all times, so they do not have a shoulder strap. They fit about every rack.

Written by Leah 4/19/2009

Q > Will you be making the your selection of large bags and panniers in additional colours? I have a honey saddle, and would like something to match that has an actual capacity to transport things.  Thank you!

A > For the moment we have no plan in making more colours. Maybe one more, but not with honey leather.

Written by Anne Stevenson from United Kingdom 9/14/2009

Q > I like these but as they have to stay on the bike how easy are they to remove from a thief's point of view? We always to use saddlebags in the past but recently I just use a pannier for shopping & remove it, putting the shopping directly in pannier. I don't know whether I'd be happy leaving such lovely items on a bike say in the town centre or at my local shopping centre.

A > I'm not a thief, but I guess I wouldn't spend 5 to 10 minutes to remove the panniers. Once installed on the bike, you need to know the product to estimate how long it takes to remove it, so I guess a thief would rather steal your saddle:)


We accept all constructive criticism

Written by Steven Dorst from USA 10/12/2015

Overall, I really like these panniers. With one reservation.

The Mushroom Fastener - BYB 348 (there are two on each side) which mate with the leather strap (both to hold the edges of the top close together when loaded, and to hold the "roll" when rolled up) keep loosening and then falling apart!

I've had it happen multiple times. If I'm lucky, I've been able to find all the parts and reassemble them - and yes, I've used LockTite to try and stop it from happening - to no avail.

And twice now, my dealer has had to order more under warranty. But I'm getting stick of the delay when I need more, and it's hard to justify a € 3.10 price (plus shipping) EACH just to keep extras on hand.

So I'm looking for an alternate closure. I'm hoping my local camping equipment repair business will have a brainstorm.

OK, one other reservation: Looking over other comments, I must agree that the magnetic flap closures don't work very well. My flaps flap as I'm riding whether they are over an unrolled, in use pannier or over a rolled up pannier.

Written by Bill Bennett from England 6/19/2009

COMMENT > I bought a B67 saddle a few months back - fantastic saddle and really good value. So, now I'm in the market for a bag, and being so impressed with my Brooks saddle, here I am. Come on Brooks - you're making a mistake here. In spite of (or perhaps because of) your "survey of 200 people", your marketing team has let you down. The bag may be made to a high standard, but pricing it solely as part of your brand placement strategy is a bit daft. Many people pay over the odds for items because of the label, or what ownership of the item implies, but I bet the vast majority of Brooks saddle owners are intelligent, reasoning people - that is after all why they choose to ignore passing trends by using the tried and tested Brooks saddle.
You may attract a few fashion conscious yuppies in the City, but you're creating a big opportunity for someone to cater to the real requirements of the bulk of your customer base.
Now, there's an idea....

REPLY > What you started saying is interesting, although we don't agree with some of your statements. Anyway what's the idea? That we should sell the bag at a lower price? Or that we should remove the logo? The survey with 200 people has been done, and over 140 have voted for the "logo version" of the bag. That counts to 70% of the focus group. Of course the other 30% of the group would have preferred the version without the logo. You can't make everybody happy, this is the limit of democracy.

Written by Claude Morgan from New Zealand 2/21/2014

Having read the criticisms AFTER buying the panniers, we immediately inspected them and applied adhesive velcro to the spot where indeed a hole was wearing through due to rubbing. Next, we found that one of the closing strap was poorly stitched and was coming apart (see Living on an island, we have an extensive workshop including a moving foot commercial sewing machine, so we repaired the flaw before the strap was lost. After that we discovered the the eyehole bolts that hold the leather strap work loose and disappeared. So, realising we never role them up, we took one of the bolts from the underneath and used thread-locker fluid that hopefully will keep it in place. More recently, we went to an Army Surplus store in Auckland, and found a better made pair of panniers for NZ$18 each, whereas the Brooks sell for NZ$280.

Brooks gets high marks for classic style, and high marks for tradition. However, somewhere along the line it appears that the old fellows who uphold the tradition must have died off and been replaced by smart-arsed yuppies who charge high prices for poorly-made goods. I don't begrudge justified high prices; that's what Savile Row and Bristol Cars are about. But when the quality resembles something a Chinese factory would turn out for ten bucks wholesale, I am less than impressed. Still love your saddles, grips and leather bags though.

Written by Mike Priddy from Netherlands 12/1/2013

What a shame! It appears that Brooks' claim that it accepts and publishes both positive and critical opinion appears to be untrue.

Written by James Turk from United States 6/17/2014

I got these Panniers about a year ago as a gift and am sorry to say I'm very disappointed. They are falling apart. First one of the pieces that hold them together while rolled up fell off before I even got them on my bike. Since I didn't plan on having on my bike rolled up I wasn't too concerned. Then after my first ride one of the straps that attach them to my rack started coming loose. I thought i could still use them and did for a few other short rides. Then tried them for a long ride (about 80 miles) and when I got home most of the straps were falling off and all of the attachment pegs had fallen off. Don't make the mistake of spending a lot of money on these bags if you plan on using them to carry things. They do look very pretty rolled up on the back of your bike though.

Written by Jocelyn S from USA 10/24/2013

i got this a week or so ago from a local bike shop that is going out of business. so far i like this bag however, the little metal bolt that is used to lash the bag up when not in use fell out. how can i get another one? thanks!

Written by JOSE ANTONIO GARCIA CAJARAVILLE from Spain 4/20/2013

I received recently my BRICK LANE Roll-Up Panniers without magnets on the flaps. Before buying it, your advertisement said "Last, but not least, the Roll Up Panniers are “self closing”, as they feature magnets on the flaps". Now you don't say that, but the pictures show still the panniers featuring magnets.

Written by Can Yesilada from Cyprus 11/29/2012

I was wondering if these panniers suitable for 20 inch wheels. I am using a folding bike (Dahon Ciao). Or do I need to buy separate rear rack to adjust?

A> You will need to do some adjusting to get the right fit, the bags are themselves about 20" long.

Written by Gaetan Van Branteghem from Belgium 10/24/2012


Owning a set of this Panniers for aproximately 1 year I just want to mention a little aprovement. Having sometimes the same problems as other users, the bags when empty touching the spokes, I think the solution to avoid this is simple but effective. Just sew a thread off spring steel in the lowest seam closest to the wheel. This part will keep the bags nicely straight and they will no longer touch the wheel.



Written by Andrew Martsolf from USA 10/23/2012

I have found that the magnets that are intended to keep the flaps closed when using the panniers and rolled when not using them are weak and not strong enough for the intended purpose. The flaps literally flap in the breeze. I will likely replace the magnets with a different fastener. Have you had other concerns about the magnets?

A> We have not yet had this particular feedback, but we certainly take your comment seriously and will look into this presently.

Written by cathy jackson from uk 7/12/2012

how do you secure the panniers? It seems very easy to remove and not the 5-10 minutes you say on the comments box

A> The panniers are secured with leather straps to the rack, which does not take 10min, but is not an overly quick operation.

Written by Christian Norris from USA 6/19/2012

I think that these are a very aesthetically pleasing and conventional pannier set. HOWEVER, that being said, I think that the price tag is absolutely crazy for waxed cotton and a Brooks stamp. At that price, the entire thing should be made of leather AND they should have a vegan option for those in need. I mean, come on... Yes, they're conventional. Yes, they're gorgeous. But thats because they're simple, they're timeless. They've been around for ages and will be of ages to come. So why the high price tag for such simple panniers? The design isn't anything that takes crazy work. The materials aren't super expensive, and they aren't even resistant to all weather. I mean, they're still worth it because somehow Brooks are the only one I've found that have done something like this but still. Im almost inspired to learn to sew so I can make my own. Whoever is, probably makes bank. Until then, Ill continue to use the pair I paid for but Im just saying....

Written by Gregory Travis from USA 2/2/2012

These panniers look absolutely stunning on my 2012 Trek Soho Deluxe Commuter. Unfortunately, that's where the accolades have to end.

I was initially concerned that the panniers had no method of securing their bottoms to the rack, to eliminate the panniers from swinging. My bike shop (Public Bikes in San Francisco) assured me that wouldn't be a problem. I also didn't like the fact that dismounting the panniers from the bike and using them as a carrying bag isn't really an option due to the belt-and-buckle mounting system.

After less than one week's use, the panniers have had a hole worn completely through them where the bottom of the pannier contacts the bicycle's axle nut (a rounded, smooth, chrome thing with no sharp edges). This is after approximately 60 miles of riding a daily commute with nothing more than an Apple Laptop and a bicycle lock in the pannier.

I'll be returning the panniers this weekend and buying an inferior-looking but more functional and durable, and much less expensive, set of panniers to replace them.