victor saldarriaga, Colombia
Posted 25 May 2010

Searching for a really good saddle, find that everyone that rides many kms, use a brooks. i bought my first on the internet, while i was at a big trip near 1000 kms from my city. i wait for it 15 days and when it arrived, i was afraid becouse i have not bought the proofide!!! well it doesn´t matter. After my first day, rain didn´t stop, my saddle seem to be years old, and the breaking process was quick. i live at the mountains, each day ride for minimum 30km uphill to work. My saddle is my perfect companion. After i began riding with some friends, old people stop at my back and screeming becouse they once use a brooks. until late 70´s every one was using leather saddles. From thinking no one will notice my saddle, i got the surprise every old man talking with me about the greatness of them. sitting at the back of my house, i saw the cattle resting and laughing at myself, have the idea that maybe one day one of those cows could be in a saddle,( like inmigrants in London) and with a friend of mine, sitting at my house take that picture. hope you enjoy them as much as we did it.