Ignaz-Philip Dama L., Indonesia
Posted 9 February 2010

Around, Across, and Throughout Java Island I lived in Java Island, Indonesia. Touring the beautiful (and 'wild') island has long been an obsession for me. I eventually got my time to fulfill it, but then I faced a major problem with the buttock and back pain caused by the saddle I used. I changed it for many times, looking for the best one which will never hurt me in anyway, but I always failed. Some of my fellow bicycle tourists advised me to get a Brooks saddle and I did so. I managed to order and get one B-135 with considerations of my body weight (116 kg / 255.7 lbs). It took me around 150 km (93.2 miles) to break it down. Since then, I never again got any buttock or back pain, even during the breaking-in period. It is heaven! I have recently ordered and received my second Brooks saddle, a honey-colored Flyer Special. I am now about to go for the next touring on another taste of the Brooks saddles line up. Tailwind!